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Beauty Survival Tips – March into Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! I’m so sick of static cling hair, chapped lips, and darkness, I can barely write a blog about it! My frumpy sweaters are starting to pill, my fat pants are tight, and my motivation level is at a negative one. Can’t we just skip along to May and call it all good? If you are feeling like winter got the best of you, then you need a pre-spring boost and I know just how to start you off on the right foot. These 6 tips can help you fight back against the side effects of a long winter so that you will be looking and feeling fresh as a spring daisy.

1.) Do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair! Everyone’s hair could benefit from some extra moisture after a long cold winter. I recommend something like Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisture Mask or a hot oil treatment like Redken’s Diamond Oil.

2.) Pick up an exfoliant and moisturizer for your body. It’s not just our hair that needs to be repaired, our skin and nails also need a boost. Exfoliants, like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, can help remove dead skin cells from your body while revealing new, luminous skin underneath. Follow it with a rich body moisturizer, like Eucerin, and your skin will go from scaly lizard dry to satin ribbon smooth.

3.) Schedule yourself a cut and color. In the winter people have a tendency to go into hibernation mode after the excitement of the holidays is over. This usually results in a very out of shape haircut and a long overdue color job. Don’t wait for a friend to tell you you look like hell, just pick up the phone and call your stylist now. You won’t regret it.

4.) Shake up your morning or night time routine by adding a new habit. It could be going to bed a little earlier, setting out your clothes the night before or simply starting a little journaling ritual. Small changes lead to bigger changes and you’ll be surprised how a little adjustment can invite big change into your life and reinvigorate you.

5.) Shift your eating habits and exercise routine. I’m sure even Gisele packs on a pound or 5 in the winter and has to regain control to prep for the summer. If you too are feeling like you’ve let yourself go, then get it together now or spend the summer complaining (by the way no one wants to hear about how fat you think you are as you’re shoving french fries and candy bars in your face – make a choice). Not to mention that exercise is a proven antidepressant, so if you’ve also got the blues then it’s a double win!

6.) Buy a new item in a fresh spring color. Be it a new shirt, a gauzy floral scarf, or a cute pair of sandals, adding some vibrant color into your world can give you and others a little mood boost. I notice that this spring it looks like bright colors and rich pastels are back and still delivering pizazz to wardrobes and accessories alike. According to Pantone the color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Fuschia. To see other hot spring colors check out

I can’t wait for all the new things going on in my world to come alive in the next few months. I recently left the salon I’ve worked at for over 11 years so that I can start a new adventure in my own little mini salon where I can be my own boss. The potential and possibilities available to me are overwhelming and I know it will be hard work but I’m excited! Reflecting back on my life and all of the experiences I have had leading up to where I am now, I feel so grateful to have had the privilege to work with so many amazing mentors and professionals. I want to say thank you to all of my teachers. I am eternally grateful to you all for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and professional values with me.

Next week I start the task of trying to get my new room all set up so I can start taking customers. I will get to paint, move shelves and mirrors, and add my own flare to the 10 by 10 space. Here’s a picture of the before – next week I’ll put up a picture of the finished product. Wish me luck!