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Breaking Up With A Bad Hairdo

With 3 decades of image concern under my belt, you can bet that I’ve had my share of different hairstyles. I don’t always follow the trends and at times I’ve worn a ponytail for weeks in a row, however I can boast that I have tried an array of different do’s and colors. Hairstyles come and go and while some people can pull off one look well, it doesn’t mean they should hold onto that style for eternity. If you can’t produce a collage of photos like the ones of me and my beautiful mother below then maybe it’s time to break up with your hairstyle and try on something new for a change.
Breaking up with a hairstyle can be like breaking up with a boyfriend. At first you will talk yourself out of it as you reminisce about all the good times you shared together. But somewhere things took a turn and 10 years later what was once so right is just so wrong! You had gotten so comfortable in your old style you practically forgot that you weren’t married to it and that there are many other styles out there to choose from.
Take the “Need A New Do” quiz and find out if you are in danger of becoming a victim of a hairstyle that is past it’s prime, then come back and visit my blog for a future post on my tips to finding a style that will be better for you.
1.) You still own the same brush, curling iron, and/or hairspray from 10 years ago.
2.) When you see pictures of yourself you can’t remember what year it was or worse which decade because your hair is the same in every photo.
3.) Your family has a nickname for your hairstyle as in the football helmet, the wave, or that rat’s nest.
4.) When you see other women with your hairstyle you instinctively ask them who does their hair because you believe that by seeing a new hairdresser you will be making a change.
5.) You know exactly how long ( down to the second ) it will take you to get your hair fixed in the morning before you start your day.
6.) Your hairdo has come “back” in a retro way and people 20 yrs younger than you are now wearing it and looking better in it. If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then perhaps the hairstylist that once rocked your world is now holding your hotness hostage. It’s time to kick it to the curb once and for all because life is short and who has time to waste on bad hair these days right?!