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Fall Changes Without Haircolor

My last post was about changing your haircolor to suit the Fall season, but I didn’t make any mention of ways to change your look if you don’t color your hair. It goes without saying that change is sometimes difficult to embrace but I think we all can agree that it is utterly necessary for survival. If you don’t color your hair and you need to freshen up your look for fall I recommend trying some if these ideas.
1.) Change the shape of your haircut or add some more layers. You may not realize that you can make a few simple adjustments and get big results, for example adding more layers just around your face or cutting your perimeter into a square shape instead of a round shape.
2.) Treat yourself to a colorless gloss treatment to add shine or a deep conditioner. Many color lines have a clear coat option as part of their semi permanent line that is void of tone or color and just imparts the conditioning ,shine enhancing properties of a color treatment. And a deep conditioner can help repair some of the damage that happened over the summer as you played all day at the beach or went blonder. Simply ask your colorist about it and book one!
3.) Skip the hair salon all together and treat yourself to some new experience you haven’t tried before like an amazing facial with a talented estictician, a luxury massage, or a gel polish manicure! Your hair won’t mind if you skip a haircut so you can get pampered in a new way! Trust me you’re worth it.
Sometimes changes happen that we aren’t happy about so we try to ignore it but the best way to deal with it is head on! For example let’s say that you tried to go extra blonde over the summer and now your hair is fried… Don’t try to keep that gross dried out stuff that you think is long hair! Accept the fact that it’s never gonna be the same again and cut it off! The only way to move through change is to acknowledge the facts and be proactive about navigating through it. In other words make the most of what you have and keep a confident smile on your face because that’s really all you need to be wearing this Fall. Well that and a great hairdo!

Changing Color in the Fall

Hello all it’s that time again – Fall! As the leaves on the trees are changing so should your haircolor. If you’ve been maximizing your time in the sun, then chances are your haircolor has faded or bleached out and you might want to think about asking your colorist to help you with a tune up.
Here are a few simple ways to adjust your color casually and easily.
1.) Have some lowlights painted into your hair. Typically hair is darker underneath so of you pull a darker color through the bottom half of your hair then have a few streaks of darker pulled through the top you will be able to use your washed out color to look like highlights.
2.) Request a toning gloss treatment to be placed on all of your hair. Most professional lines have a Demi or Semi permanent color option that would be perfect. Have your stylist pick a shade that is simply a level deeper than what you already have – or if you’re up to it even a lil darker. I also recommend using a shade that has golden tones or warm (red) tones. It will add lots of shine and richness to a drab looking summer color.
3.) Find a color conditioner. Colored shampoos and conditioners will stain the hair and can help add vibrancy back to a boring shade. Aveda makes some fabulous ones and you can get info on them at your local Aveda store.
4.) Just go crazy and try a whole new shade! I always feel like Fall is the time to try out that amazing auburn you’ve been eyeing or that risky red! The thought is that if you don’t like it then by the time summer rolls around you will probably be able to get back to what you had before.
As usual, I always recommend making major color changes with the help of a professional – but if you are trying out your skills on a friend or yourself and need some advice just shoot me an email at and I’ll do my best to help! Don’t be afraid to embrace change – it’s just hair right?!