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What a Mess!! 4 Steps To Dealing With A Corrective Color

Usually I’m pretty good at keeping my life moving in a positive direction and staying upbeat and optimistic. I am full of expressions that I toss around casually like “In a year this won’t matter.” “It’ll workout! Don’t worry!” And “This will only make me
Stronger!”. They sound good right? In a relative sense my life is great, but even I have “shit” going on and I am not immune to getting overwhelmed by it. I am totally overwhelmed right now! Some things are out of my control, other things are completely my fault, and what’s obvious is that my old ways are not working anymore. It’s time to reorganize and come up with a game plan so that I can deal with the 20 million real stressors I’ve been glazing over for the last year.

As a colorist one of my favorite things to do is corrective color! My creative mind goes a mile a minute as I’m processing what I have in front of me and what I’m going to do with it. The bigger the mess, the more satisfying it is when I finally make it look better! Sometimes it takes a couple of appointments because the hair has been through so much and some miracles just can’t be delivered in a few hours… Time is necessary. I recently had one of these projects in front of me and after I worked my magic I was pretty proud of the results I got and my customer was very happy!

Reflecting on all the steps I had to take to make this beautiful woman’s hair look amazing I realized that I need to approach my life challenges in the same way. When someone comes in with a hair mess and they just don’t know what to do these are the steps I take to deal with it.

1.) Evaluate: Take an honest look at the problem and gather as much information about what’s on the hair, how it got there, why it left or stayed… Basically I need full disclosure or I can’t move forward.
2.) Strategize: This is the part where my brain quickly goes through every possible thing I could do to the hair. Usually this step happens before I actually decide what I will do because sometimes what the customer wants is impossible. It’s up to me to let her know what we can and can’t do.
3.) Formulate: This is where the motto “work smart not hard” comes into play…. My goal is to choose colors and application techniques that will get me the best results in the shortest amount of time, while leaving the hair as healthy as possible. Sometimes I have to put 3 different formulas on the hair just to get it to look like one uniform color!
4.) Dive In and Don’t Look Back: Once I’ve committed to a plan of action I dive into the project. My brain is constantly thinking about the next step and what steps will have to be taken on the next visit. Sometimes while I’m working I get a better idea and I abandon a formula and do something else. It’s not the kind of thing one can just follow a recipe for, each case is unique and needs an original formulation and application to achieve results.

I could do corrective color all day and with the steps above I am almost always able to make progress and please my customers. In my life though I need help! I wish I knew someone who I could call in to help me organize my thoughts, strategize, and formulate so I can just dive into fixing my stress mess. I know in a year I’ll have a new set of problems to cope with and that, of course, everything will be alright. I will take my own advice once again and take the necessary steps and just be as patient and realistic as I would want one of my corrective color customers to be. I totally believe that magic and miracles can happen but they usually don’t happen overnight. I also know that I am so normal in this world and we all have our own version of a problem that needs a correction so if anyone out there has some good advice for me I’ll take it! And as always of you have a question about a corrective color you need done or are doing ( for you hairdressers out there ) please email me at Or leave a comment below!