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Bad Hair Happens – Top 5 Hair Complaints

In a world where we have more in common with each other, than we do with any other animal on Earth, why is it so easy to feel alone? I am no different, and sometimes when I feel isolated, I search for comfort in other peoples’ problems. I begin by typing my issue into the Google search bar, and I always discover that, no matter how unique I think my struggles are, there are many others out there dealing with the same things.

Personal problems are a guarantee in life, and so are hair problems! We all have bad hair days, and I can promise you that for every time you’ve cursed your hair, thrown your brush, or allowed a flopped style to ruin your day, there are many others out there who are experiencing the same things. Here are some Universal Hair Gripes that I hear from lots of people, and the reasons behind them. Read them and share them with others, so that the next time you feel like you have the worst hair in the world, you can relax and remember, that You Are Not Alone!

“My Hair Has No Volume!” : This is a common complaint that is often the result of a bad haircut and improper styling technique. To maximize the potential for volume in your hair, you need a cut that pays attention to your head shape, growth pattern, density, and natural texture. It’s also important to use the right styling products. Volume doesn’t just happen, that’s why you have to”build” it into your style.

“My hair has one side that goes under, and one side that flips out!” : This is true for everyone, and the reason is that hair grows in a circle around the head. It starts at its’ point of origin, know as the “sworl”.  You may have overlooked how important the “sworl” is to your style, by mistaking it for an annoying cowlick on the crown of your head. This powerful spiral is responsible for determining  where your natural part falls, the direction you need to build volume, and the way you position your styling brush when you are trying to get your hair to look symmetrical. It’s also the most important thing that, as a hairstylist, I have to take into account, when cutting, coloring, and styling your hair.

“I lose so much hair in the shower, I must be going bald!” :   You need to know that, on average, a person loses 150 to 200+ hairs, DAILY! Hair grows in a cycle that includes 3 phases. It is constantly growing, resting, or falling out, and additional factors like stress, hormone changes, and illness, can cause the cycles to start earlier, or be delayed. If you are nervous that you really are losing your hair, then talk to your Doctor about your concerns first, then consult with your Stylist. There are many amazing product lines out there for thinning hair, and they do work!

“My Hair Won’t Get Long!” : Hair has a “desired length”, and it’s different for everyone. It’s determined by how long your individual hairs stay in their resting phase before falling out, and being replaced by new hairs. If you are wondering where your hair’s “desired length” is, it’s most likely the spot where the hair starts to look thinner and less dense.  I strongly recommend accepting the reality of your hair’s desired length and adopting a style that works with it, otherwise you may have sparse looking ends that no haircut will be able to hide.

“My Hair Is Curly And Straight! Why can’t it just be the same all over?!” : Welcome to the Mixed Textures Club! There are many members because it’s unusual for someone to have perfectly straight hair, just as it is rare for someone to have a perfectly uniform curl pattern.  Styling can help this issue, but it’s not going to fix itself! The best advice I can give you is to accept it, make the most of what you have, and find a style that works with your texture. If you want your hair to look perfect all the time, you may need to invest in a wig.

There are some lucky people out there that are blessed with “good hair”, but I’m sure they have bad hair days too. We can’t all look amazing, all of the time, and if we did, we might not have any friends! The best advice I can share is to love what you have, and make the most of it. If you are someone with “bad hair”, know that you are not alone! Consult with your Stylist so that you can find a style that works for you, and wear it with confidence! If you have a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, people won’t even notice your hair, they’ll be distracted by the rest of you.

Please take the time to click on the “Pictures” button, located in the sidebar of my page. Included in there is a picture of my daughter Estela’s “sworl”. When you find it, take a moment to think about your own “sworl”, and try to find it on the crown of your head. Figure out which way it moves, so that you can start to understand how it can either help, or hinder your styling efforts.