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Does Your Hair Have A Hangover? 

 Normally, I would be the first friend to tell you that the key to happiness is to exclusively stay living in the moment, but when it comes to the happiness of your hair, it’s a totally different story. Your hair’s past affects its future potential for awesomeness and its critical to have a healthy hair gameplan or you may find yourself wasting money on expensive deep conditioners that don’t work or harsh treatments containing poisonous chemicals. You may be thinking “she’s not talking to me..” But I totally am. You’re hairs past is a real as your own, and its time to take an honest look back and ask yourself if you’ve been making healthy choices and if not, then you need to keep reading so you can come up with your own healthy hair recipe and relax, knowing you have the power to have fabulous hair forever!

 Of course it’s ok to have fun with your hair, I mean it does grow back and it’s a great way to express who you are to the world! I fully support going tangerine or teal if that’s your jam. You wanna wash and curl your hair morning and night? Do it! Just make sure you are taking precautions to avoid giving your hair a hangover or worse frying it off! The best way to insure that you will have healthy hair is to be healthy yourself, avoid overdoing it with chemicals and heat, and invest in quality products. I know, I know… Not everyone can afford the best treatments or products, but I’ll tell you what I know about whats out there in hair repair land and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it.


These types of products work best to repair hair that is lacking in moisture. A loss of moisture in hair can be the result of over use of hot tools (blow dryer, flat iron, curling wand, etc.) They are typically applied on wet hair after a thorough shampooing and left to sit and “soak in” anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. The problem with these types of treatments is that they don’t do much to actually repair the hair. They sit on the outside of the hair shaft and just smooth it down with a nice heavy load of waxes, oils, and silicas, most of which are too large molecularly to penetrate the actual hair shaft and really do anything notable. What they do do though is make your hair feel soft and look shiny and smell good, and this placebo affect can work very well to make you feel like you have healthier hair for awhile.


If you haven’t heard the word keratin associated with smooth, frizz free, shiny hair, then you must be living under a rock. Keratin is the main protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails and if you have coarse, frizzy, dry, or curly hair there is no denying that the results of such a treatment are miraculous. It’s important to realize that this treatment is meant to straighten and smooth the hair shaft so if you don’t want straighter hair then it is not a good choice for you. I personally was not happy with the results I had because I felt like my hair was too smooth and straight and flat.. But that’s me. Another issue is that in order for these treatments to work best they often contain formaldehyde, a chemical that has been known to cause cancer. Obviously we are all trying to avoid cancer so that makes keratin procedures a bit of a controversial topic. The treatments have become so popular because of their effectiveness that many companies have come out with products that do not contain formaldehyde, but unfortunately they struggle to deliver the same results. 

In 2015 a new product called Olaplex hit the hair industry like a bomb creating a buzz with its new patented formulation of a 3 step system that would allow customers and colorists the ability to push the boundaries of hair coloring and bleaching without all the damage. The company markets it as “insurance for your hair” and suggests investing in the treatment every time you bleach or highlight as well as purchasing the take home product, simply called Step 3. If you have been bleaching your hair to get a fashion colors like green or purple, or if you are lightening your hair frequently it’s a great choice for you. Because this is a new chemistry in the industry there have not been many insights about long term benefits but the implications are that you would need to keep using it to see continued results. 

I have tried every trick in the book to try and get my hair back from the dead and I have been anxious to try Olaplex myself before I start offering it as a service for my customers. I have to confess I am impressed. I’ve been slowly bleaching old color out of my hair with highlights and using the Olaplex system. Not only does my hair feel great but I think my natural curl pattern is coming back a little springier! Bonus!! The bottom line is that in this day and age there is no excuse for bad hair. Talented professionals are everywhere and with the help of a stylist and my fab advice you and your hair can party like rock stars forever!


Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Good Enough 

Hello again! I’m back after a super long hiatus with no amazing excuse except that I’ve been busy becoming who I am today. If you’ve been following my blog you already know that I identify myself as a hopeful dreamer, a lover of life, and a major procrastinator. Couple these traits with my passion for writing and perfectionist ideals and you get a sizable case of writers block… Umm.. Ya. It is what it is right?! If you can relate in any way shape or form I have a funny little idea for you that my close friend shared with me and it is the idea that any task worth doing ( meaning you really really really want or need to do it ) is worth doing “half – assed”. I know what you’re thinking…. that it sounds backwards. We should all be giving 100% all the time or else don’t bother!! Well WTF does that do for me? I’m already a mega spaz about meeting my own expectations.. That half the time I give up Bc I am afraid I will be disappointed or worse I will disappoint others with my efforts. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.. There are many of us and we are all paralyzed waiting for “inspiration” to get moving. So this is my best effort to deliver something and break the seal of my thoughts so that I can start sharing them with the world again. One of the things on my mind lately is how much can change in a year! My hair is finally getting longer and healthy after my emotional makeover last year… See previous post for insight. I still have been receiving emails from readers about hair questions, which I love!  I have been contacted by a couple of companies asking me to sample their products and review them or mention them in my blog, an awesome perk that I hope I get more opportunities to do. I have settled into a nice routine with my children and my career, and in the midst of it all I’ve also fallen in love. Yup, life is pretty good these days.. But it wasn’t an easy road and if I hadn’t put some good solid effort in long ago, I wouldn’t be where I am at now.

If you want to know where you’re headed, it’s important to know where you’ve been. The same is true for your hair. Your hair’s past is important too and if you haven’t been investing in quality products and hair treatments then you aren’t going to get to do as many fun things with it like try a new haircolor for summer or flat iron it smooth every day. I’ve been experiencing a similar side effect with my feet. From years of standing in uncomfortable shoes like flip flops, flats, and unsupportive high heels, I have developed a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. Every morning I wake up and can barely put pressure on my right foot.. I hate it!! I wish I had taken better care of my feet and worn better shoes like the ones that  Naturalizer sent me recently to test out. I’ve always been skeptical of “comfort” shoes Bc, let’s be honest, they can be ugly or heavy and who wants that? But more and more I am seeing styles that are cute and I was very impressed with the cute pair of Mary Jane style shoes I picked out for myself from the Naturalizer at Work collection. As promised, the shoes are comfortable and stylish at the same time! I encourage anyone who is on their feet all day like I am to check out the available styles at Naturalizer.com

These are so comfy and supportive I could wear them all day!

If you are not signed up on my email list please take a moment to so you can keep up with me on a regular basis – there should be a link on my blog to “follow” me. In my next post I’m going to go over some treatments and products on that market that will help you invest in the future of your hair so that you can do all the things you want to with it while keeping it as healthy as possible, so stay tuned!  XOXO Natalie

Why Every Single Woman Needs a Hairstylist

Let’s face it girls, we love to talk! We talk to our mothers, our friends, strangers, basically anyone who will listen (or at least pretend to). When we are talking to one another we will visit 10 different subjects in 5 minutes and never once consider the possibility that we are saying too much. As a hairstylist, I consider myself a professional conversationalist. I have heard so many crazy stories that I can and will talk about any and everything. While I’m working and getting to know a new client, this is a very valuable skill. However, recently it has become a problem for me because I am a single lady and I’ve started online dating. As it turns out, men have different preferences when it comes to conversation and I’ve had to learn the hard way that in the world of dating and getting to know someone new, less is way more! After being brushed off a few times after what I perceived to be great connections, it occurred to me that I must have a slight handicap in this arena because I’m so used to talking! I get paid to do hair, overshare, and listen and I just don’t know what’s ok to talk about with a guy I barely know and what I should just keep to myself. To avoid making the same mistakes I did I encourage you to head to the hairdresser and talk your hearts out so that when you find yourself sitting across the table from a hot guy you can focus on them not your drama.


First things first! Let’s go over the types of things that you absolutely want to mention to your hairdresser. These topics should come up during your consultation but if your hairdresser forgets to ask about them please feel free to bring it up or just fling it out there.

1.) Your Hair History: This includes every single chemical hair service, including hair color, that the hair on your head has been through. It’s imperative that your stylist have this information so that they don’t ruin your hair! Don’t hold back even if you think it’s not important, here’s your chance to overshare!
2.) Your Budget: To avoid the awkwardness of a money misunderstanding I recommended bringing this up right away! Don’t be shy – just ask, or better yet tell! I love it when someone tells me what their budget is because it opens up the conversation and allows me to strategize about what I CAN do for that price instead of what I CAN’T – and I love to say “I can do that!”
3.) Your Hair Routine: By this I mean what, when, why, where and how. What do you expect your hair to look like when we are all finished? When are you coming back to the salon to get your hair done again? Why do you want your hair the way you are asking me to do it? Where are you taking this hairdo; to work, to the gym, on a date? How will you maintain this look with hair products and styling tools?

Now let’s move on to topics that you should talk about with your hairdresser NOT your date, or any other man for that matter, unless your hairstylist is a man.

1.) Emotional Stuff: This includes anything that gives you “feelings”; a bad breakup, any insecurities you have about your physical appearance, arguments with family and friends, childhood traumas, and everything in between. Your hairdresser actually needs to know where you’re at in your life to help you avoid making any emotionally charged hair changes, like shaving your head after you just had a baby.
2.) Your Dreams For Your Future: So you want to get married and have 10 babies and save the whales… That’s awesome! Tell me about it and I’ll give you all the love and support you are looking for I promise!
3.) Your Favorite Things: This includes anything you like a lot and may go on and on and on about. TV shows, movies, food, gym exercises, shoes.. You get the picture.
4.) Gripes: I like to stay positive as often as I can but I know it’s not easy! If you need to get something off your chest you can tell your hairdresser about it. Sometimes a girl just has to let it out so they can let it go! If you feel the need to have a good cry go ahead, just do it before your hair is done or it might get confusing.
5.) Your Children or Pets: I have kids and I’ve had pets so I know how easy it is to talk about this subject. It’s a great way to fill the potential silence of a hair appointment, so feel free to share.

It’s safe to assume that anything you might talk about with your hairdresser is a subject best avoided with a man. If you can’t help yourself and you accidentally bring up something like this I suggest wrapping it up quick and moving on to a better subject. This happened to me recently and after I noticed and dialed it back a little my friend assured me that a “fly by” is ok, which I appreciated! If you want my advice on what to talk about with guys I say stick to topics about physical activities or just talk about them, they love that subject! Once you have someone in your life that’s decided they like you enough to hear all this about you then it’s fine to share but keep in mind that they still would probably rather that you shared it with your hairdresser.

Doing the “Just Do It”

If you are not a major procrastinator like I am, than you may not understand why anyone would wait until the last minute to start a project or get a task done.  I’ve tricked myself into believing that this gives me some sort of competitive edge by telling myself things like, “I’m better under pressure” and “I don’t want to overthink it”. Normally I wouldn’t encourage ignoring the present for the dream of the future, but there are times when “living in the moment” can make a task unbearable! A good example is washing the dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher so I have a tendency to let the dishes pile up and then I’m forced to spend hours sweating over the sink. The only way I can get through it is to focus on how good I will feel when I’m finally done and how much I love not seeing dirty dishes piled up to the ceiling.


I don’t just do this with my dishes, I do this with everything; getting out of bed in the morning, taking a shower, writing a post… yes I admit it, I have been procrastinating my posts lately! When I wait to the last minute to do things I don’t feel more capable or motivated to do them, which makes the task even more intimidating than before.  What Is it about that “just do it” part that is so hard for me and my fellow procrastinators? Whenever I have a session with my coach and I’m talking about something that I want in my life I notice that she often will ask me,  “How would that feel?” or “What would that look like?”. She wants me to visualize what life would look and feel like if I had already achieved my goal. The theory is that in focusing on being done with a task, imagining what it would be like to already have that thing you want , or be the person you desire to be, that you will naturally start to head in that direction.


Waiting too long in between hair appointments can make your stylist’s  job ten times more difficult, just like procrastinating on any task. Hair grows, on average, a quarter of an inch a month. That’s not very much when you want your hair to get long, but when you are someone spending money for a professional quality haircut or a color touch up, it can become hard to keep up with. I have some clients that never want to see the sparkle of grey roots so they come in every 2 or 3 weeks. On the other hand, I have some customers that come in a few times a year. In most cases, waiting this long in between appointments can be like starting from scratch and add extra time and cost onto the appointment. It reminds me of all the money I had to pay recently to have my car fixed. If I had taken it in for the regularly scheduled maintenance then I probably could’ve avoided the hefty bill and the hassle of being stranded. Keep this in mind when you are deciding on a cut and color for yourself and be sure to ask your stylist how often you will need to come in and how much it’s going to cost you. Looking great is an investment and just like anything else that you invest money into, there will be regular maintenance costs and requirements. I recommend that my customers come see me every 4 to 6 weeks .If this seems like too much for you then I want you to ask yourself how much you would pay ( per day ) to have hair that you liked, because your hair is the accessory you wear EVERY DAY!


The visualization technique I will be using as I push through my ” just do it” could also work for motivating you to get your hair done more often, especially when you’re thinking about the cost of it. Don’t focus on spending that money, focus on how good you will feel looking in the mirror and how that will affect your mood for the day.  I have a goal by the end of February to clean out and organize my apartment so that I can empty out a storage unit that I have that is costing me $120 a month. I’m reasonably sure that more than half of the stuff in it is stuff that I don’t want, which makes the task extra annoying because then I have to decide what to do with it. I’m sharing this with you because I know that you all have some big, daunting task that you’ve been procrastinating too. So let’s make an agreement that we will get it done. We can take the first important baby step together and start by closing our eyes and visualizing what it will feel like and look like to have this done! Now let’s JUST DO IT!!!!!


If you are a fellow procrastinator like me, then please share with me the task or goal you have decided to tackle. Sharing your goals with others is a great way to get the ball rolling.  Once you’ve told a few people, they are probably going to ask you about it again, so now you have someone holding you accountable for the chore. If you are not a procrastinator, then please share some of your tips and strategies for getting things done.